9:00 a.m. (Children’s ministry for ages nursery – Kindergarten)
10:30 a.m. (Children’ ministry for ages 0 – 6th grade)


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Men's Breakfast


The Bible is the rock upon which we base our beliefs about God, His relationship to humanity, and the mission in which He has invited us to participate with Him. Our passion is to study the bible, understand all that it says, apply it properly to life, and declare it boldly to all who will listen.


Our vision is to be a people that ENCOUNTERS the glory of the resurrected Jesus Christ; and in faith, SURRENDERS to His will - joyfully LIVING for His name and His kingdom.


Our mission is to be a community of believers (i.e. missionaries) who know the King of kings and who, together, passionately advance His kingdom.

Pastoral Team

John Stone

Teaching Pastor

FOCUS: Teaching, Mentoring, & Leadership Development

John has been in serving in ministry since 1985 with responsibilities ranging from ministry to children, junior high and high school students, family ministry and extensive counseling while serving in churches before partnering in 2001 with the North American Baptist Conference to start a new church in Sacramento which today is called Encounter Church.

EDUCATION: B.S. in Biblical Education from Multnomah Bible College and a M.A. in Christian Ministry with a concentration in preaching from Simpson Graduate School of Ministry.

John is joined in ministry by his wife, Laura. They have four adult children: Caitlyn, Zachary, Marcus, and Jared.

Joe Walters

Teaching Pastor

FOCUS: Teaching, Mentoring, & Leadership Development

Joe works for Wells Fargo as a personal investment banker. However, his true passion is studying and teaching scripture. Joe has a unique grasp of biblical truth and a gift for relaying that truth in relevant and practical ways. His primary passion is to reach the people who live in Natomas and the greater Sacramento area with the transformational power of the gospel.

EDUCATION: Joe started his education at Sac State University before entering the business community. Joe is a self-educated scholar of the bible who continues to grow in his grasp of theology and biblical truth.

Joe is joined in ministry by his wife Sue. They have four boys: Mason, Ethan, Gideon, and Titus.


As a young person I was introduced to God through attending a Catholic church. I went through catechism, and paid attention to the priests. But as a young man, I put God to the side. I spent years drinking, living life on my own terms, and enduring a marriage that eventually failed. I re-encountered God through a child in my second relationship who invited me to church. I attended as a favor to her, but God wrestled my wandering heart to the ground and would not let me go. My life has radically changed since this encounter and I find my delight in being in relationship with God today. I am over 70 years old now, and when I look back at the 40+ years of wandering apart from God, I recognize that I missed out on so much that He had for me. Today, I find my greatest joy in giving to God (Malachi 3:10) and others (Matthew 22:39). I am so grateful to enjoy Him in the twilight years of my life. I have never lived with greater focus, purpose, or joy!

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